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The Club Melbourne Ambassador Program unites and supports leading Victorians to establish, secure and host international conferences that promote our state's expertise around the world, boost our economy and bring thought leadership to Victoria.

With the Governor of Victoria as Patron-in-Chief and the Premier of Victoria as Patron, Club Melbourne harnesses the passion of our city's elite thinkers, bringing together leaders in diverse fields with a common goal to contribute to Victoria's economic growth and international reputation.

Owned and led by Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre with collaboration and support from the Melbourne Convention Bureau and the Victorian State Government, the program has delivered over 100 international conferences worth over $600 million to become the world's most influential Ambassador program.

The congress was incredibly important in bringing people together to discuss new research, discoveries and innovation, including work by a Melbourne team developing a bionic eye implant.

Professor John Olver, Epworth Healthcare

Club Melbourne Ambassador Convenor and Local Organising Committee Chair,

7th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation (2012)

Suzana Bishop

Senior Manager, Club Melbourne and Business Development

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